Neuroscience-Based Education
Assemblies and Educational Events

STAR Education believes in the power of interactive events and assemblies, and strives to bring the students into the actual entertainment and/or educational experience.  We offer both assemblies and educational events that are either audience-based or hands-on based.  As part of STAR EDUCATION EVENTS (“SEE”), we have partnered with amazing talent, universities, government agencies, and businesses within the Los Angeles area to offer interactive assemblies for schools, community groups, and corporations.  These programs are designed to complement the learning occurring every day in the classroom and/or work environment, and inspire “Life Learners” to delve into their own personal passion through the arts, academics, and physical movement.

Supplemental Service Programs

STAR Education offers a wide range of project based/ inquiry based supplemental service programs during the school day.  Designed to support the curricular needs of each school, these programs are custom tailored to support the instruction of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Visual and Performing), Math and Literacy in collaboration with the individual classroom teachers. With the goal to inspire both instructors and students to engage in extensive hands-on learning, these programs range from a one day super event to modular single classroom programs to full year programs for the entire school or district


Some of STAR’s Supplemental Programs include:


  • S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

  • The Inquiry Café - Allows students to take part in rotating modules selected from our catalogue of workshops

  • STAR Dance and Theater Immersion

  • STAR Tech – A custom designed technical support and whole-school instruction program;

  • STAR Art 

  • STAR Literacy

  • STAR Math

  • Language Academies

  • Music Labs

  • Environmental Science Education

  • Physical Education (Includes Assesments)

  • In-School Science and CST Prep. Program – 3-30 week programs available for Kinder-5th grade in Earth, Physical, Life and Environmental Sciences.


Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

STAR’s Gifted and Talented Programs are offered before, during and after school to students identified as gifted and talented and/or all students who wish to rise to the challenge of a fast-paced, college-level curriculum.  Our classes include an innovative cross section of disciplines (Arts and Humanities, Critical Thinking, Science and Technology) that have been developed in collaboration with principals, teachers, district coordinators, parents and students.  A partner to over 43 districts in Northern and Southern California, the GATE Department believes in finding the “giftedness” in every child, and strives to create opportunities that stimulate and inspire learning.  Their team consists of mentors (professionals in their particular discipline) that have an enthusiastic desire to share their expertise with children.  The STAR GATE Department encourages and provides learning environments that are not only inquiry and project based, but passion based, above all.

Family Nights/Super Saturdays

In these evening Family Fun Night events, parents and students join STAR mentor teachers for an edutainment adventure in Arts and Humanities, Science, Technology, Critical Thinking, or a combination of all. In these action-packed evenings, students and parents share an awesome academic experience while enjoying a rollicking learning adventure! In Super Saturday events students, or students and parents, participate in a thematic academic event, rotating through individual, exciting hands-on exercises. Longer in duration than Family Nights, Super Saturdays take place on a school campus for a 4-hour period on a Saturday (or Sunday) morning and give students the ability to participate in all the labs offered, with more depth and complexity.

Professional Development

STAR Education’s Resource Station utilizes its staff of diverse educational and professional backgrounds and partners with amazing talent, universities, and government agencies to provide dynamic, hands-on professional development programs for classroom instructors teaching Kinder through 8th grade. Teachers and administrators can select topics from our extensive catalogue of workshops and customize a day of experiential, brain-blitzing activities that will challenge the unique needs and talents of their students. 


For the 2013-2014 school year, the STAR Resource Station is highlighting their professional development series “Why the Grey Matters”, which focuses on the foundational elements of early brain development and equips teachers with a tool box of skills for applying that knowledge to their classrooms as well as their own personal lives. Considered by some to be “the best professional development program they’ve attended in 15 years” this program empowers teachers as “Neurosculptors” and gives them the skills to work with the developing brains of tomorrow. "Why The Grey Matters" has been approved by the University of Southern California to provide Continuing Education Units through the USC Rossier School of Education. 

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

​STAR Education has been a Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider since 2002, with academic programs offered in more than 40 school districts throughout the state of California.   We focus on underserved student populations, including high poverty students, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities.  Our SES programs show notable student success by offering a large number of tutoring hours, allowing students to focus more in-depth on content, as well as a wider array of skills.  We also offer high quality instruction in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.  These programs provide K-8 students with an engaging and thorough experience through which to learn, reinforce, and master skills covered in standardized tests and classroom content.

For more information about any of STAR's School Services, please visit srs. or contact

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