STAR YOUniverse

STAR YOUniverse is a STAR produced streaming platform that features blended (live & pre-recorded) interactive enrichment. STAR YOUniverse provides access to our incredibly diverse enrichment and academic programming at a price most families can afford.

As parents and educators in this unprecedented time, we understand the need of an affordable dedicated channel of content that is perfect for your youngster. With this in mind we created STAR YOUniverse and are proud to start streaming in August! 

More than other content providers, our interactive platform allows parents to get feedback on their child's progress while ensuring engaging enrichment. Furthermore, an archive of all shows from the last 30 days are present so your child has a plethora of fun activities whenever you need a moment. 


Best of all this streaming service is LESS THAN $1 A DAY! It's a new way to experience STAR.


STAR YOUniverse, out of this world education!

Want to experience STAR YOUniverse?  Enjoy the first two pilot episodes of STARtastic a 90 minute showcase of enrichment you can enjoy with your child right now! Please remember STAR YOUniverse will be interactive but these demos are only pilots. 


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