Sports & Physical Education

STAR Sports & P.E. is an instructional and developmental sports and P.E. program for all levels of skill and experience. We offer an incredible line-up of sports and physical education classes and offer leagues and tournaments in Basketball and Soccer. STAR Sports has partnered with top sports icons and organizations such as Track and Field gold medalist Usain Bolt, D-Fenders professional basketball team (development team for the Lakers), and professional women’s basketball team LA Sparks.


What We Teach

STAR Sports teaches age appropriate sports skills that increase physical development, boost self-esteem and discipline, and provide cognitive benefits such as problem solving, decision-making, communication, and interaction with peers. All classes include warm up and cool-down exercises, drills, games, rules and strategy and teach the importance of fitness, nutrition, and sportsmanship.


What Students Learn

Students learn fundamental sports skills that include Locomotive skills (running, jumping, and dodging); Stability skills (agility, balance, coordination, speed, change of direction, landing, balance, and rotation); and Manipulative skills (throwing, catching striking, kicking, dribbling, trapping, and punting). These skills enhance hand-eye coordination, stamina, strength, speed, and agility. 


Our Teachers

Our teachers are professional athletes and/or specialists in the fields of sports and physical education and have degrees and backgrounds in Sports Medicine and Sports Science.


What We Offer

After School Enrichment Classes:

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Gymnastics

  • Non-Contact Martial Arts (Capoeira & Kung Fu)

  • Soccer

  • Tennis

  • Track & Field

  • Volleyball


Physical Education & Supplemental Services:

  • Physical Education/Fitness

  • In-school Supplemental Programs


Other Services:

  • Sports Tournaments & Events

  • Sports Clinics

  • Camps


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